Title is in reference to future events.  Shhh… no spoilers.  Anyway, looking back on my early works, I was trying real hard to be impressive, so I was spending a LOT of time photoshopping my images after the fact.   In college, I got great grades without really ‘studying’ because I learned and retained knowledge pretty well just by taking notes in class.  So when I set out to learn photography and Photoshop post processing, I made a point to write down what edits I did on each of my photos.  I’d intended to make individual posts for each day of the year, with a short description of what I did to each, but I didn’t even get STARTED writing the first post before realizing that it would be terribly uninteresting to read about. So although I’ll continue to keep notes for my own learning purposes, I’ll only sparingly make mention of edits that I think are of interest.  Of note in this batch are the photo of Lauren’s hair, which it should be obvious has been enhanced in the color department, but the edit I’m proud of is the background, which used to be the standard hodgepodge of living room clutter, but I managed to shoop out, as well as the candle and pearl still life, which Lauren assisted me on setting up.  That shot is one of my favorite to work on, as it is actually two separate photos exposed at two different levels, then blended together (one for the candle, one for the pearls). Neither image was all that interesting on its own, but combined they make for a striking shot.